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  1. David Haddix Jr. says:

    Hello, my child will be turning eighteen this month. What steps do i need to take to be able to cease my current child support? Thank you.

  2. Jerrad Jasper says:

    Pamela, I am sure this is a helpful question for many readers, but,,,,,My ex has filed a upward modification of child support and we just completed mediation in which her attorney stated that my taxable income (Financial Affidavit) was not the same as my “Family Court Income Documented Income”, and suggested that a number of my expenses would be added to my personal income, although allowed by the IRS.

    Can you explain the general outlook of Self employment and how the court would look at certain expenses and certain areas I should be aware of? We are proceeding to court , so I need to be prepared as I feel outnumbered and undereducated in law ?

    Sincerely Grateful,

    • IRS allows deductions for “non-cash” items like depreciation. Those items serve to reduce your income for tax purposes but don’t really come out of your pocket, making your available income higher than your taxable income.

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