2014 Alimony Reform in Florida

Can you believe that 2014 Alimony Reform in Florida was all quiet? That’s right, nothing new to report from the 2014 legislative session that just ended. After several years of … Continue reading

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Time for Taxes for Divorcing Parents

It’s time for taxes again. That time of year when divorced and divorcing parents start asking questions about income taxes. Divorces can have an impact on your taxes. That is … Continue reading

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Divorce Preparation for Procrastinators

From time to time we provide you with information from other divorce professionals. Any views eexpressed are those of the author and not necessarily Florida DIY Divorce. Today’s guest post … Continue reading

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Holiday Timesharing – Kid Perspective

For many of you, how the holiday timesharing is handled has already been decided or ordered. Others are in the midst of the divorce process (or maybe just thinking about … Continue reading

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New Traditions for Co-Parents

The Holidays are characterized by traditions and happy emotions – joy, happiness, singing, parties, eating, gift giving, concerts, plays, Christmas programs, Hanukkah celebrations, charity drives, cookie exchanges, travel and people … Continue reading

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Thinking About Divorce in Florida? Some Resources for You

Are you thinking about divorce right now? It’s likely that you will wait until next year. Mostly you probably just want to get through the holidays and into January before … Continue reading

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Who to Tell – Getting a Divorce

If you are a parent with children still living at home, about to separate or getting a divorce, you will need to inform significant people in your children’s lives. Once … Continue reading

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Children’s Rights Are Human Rights

Who knew children’s rights could be so controversial? Did you know that the most widely accepted treaty in the world is the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the … Continue reading

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Losing a Child Custody Case

Losing a child custody case may feel like you have lost your child forever. Legal restrictions will be limiting your ability to be with your child when and how you … Continue reading

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Improve Co-Parent Communication

How much co-parent communication are you doing with your ex-spouse? Often? Not much? More than you like? If you have children living at home or in college, chances are you … Continue reading

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